Ta Gueule Reading Series

BoucheWHACKED! Theatre Collective and The Neanderthal Arts Festival present:
The Ta Gueule Staged Reading Series

Contemporary Canadian Plays in English Translation

Neanderthal Festival, The Cultch ● 1895 Venables St.
Pay What You Can at the Door

Vancouver’s top talent in an exciting selection of contemporary Francophone award winning plays in translation.

Tuesday, July 24 2012,  The Cultch Culture Lab
Howl Red
By Étienne Lepage, Translated by Chantal Bilodeau

Ten characters caught on the spot, as if a door was cracked open on a moment in their lives.  They talk, they scream, they say everything they mean and a few things they don’t and then the door closes again.  Controversial, gritty and often beautiful.

Featuring Sam Dulmage, Patrick Mercado, Katherine Gauthier, Julia Henderson, David Mott, Gilles Poulin-Denis, Alexis Quednau, Damian Rumph and Troy Anthony Young. Staged by Jack Paterson

“Howl Red has given me added insight into how we are the way we are, how we make choices, why we make choices, if there’s anything to life that isn’t mired in muck, and what I believe about faith and hope and humanity. Few pieces have ever made me this uncomfortable.”
Kimberley Dawn, GVPTA Blog: A Collection of Voices

“Howl Red was one of the funniest plays I have ever seen (heard?). Thank you to all who brought this piece to Vancouver!”
Scott Button, Audience Member

Thursday, July 26 2012, The Cultch Wine Bar
Written and translated by Marc Prescott

A couple chart their 50‐year relationship by recreating their first encounter every anniversary.  They yearn to be seduced by the exact words of their first encounter but time has changed the meanings.  Sad, funny, romantic and lovingly bittersweet.
Featuring France Perras and Art Kitching.
Staged by Jack Paterson


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